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  No, My Lord
A window on india’s
  In his momentous work, “The Age of Reason”. Thomas Paine (1737-1809) has said that the greatest tyranny in the world is to tie the future generation to a set of dogmas and beliefs.  
  Hari Jaisingh is the author of several books. These include:  
    India and the Non-aligned World  
    (Vikas): Released by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the      eve of the seventh Non-aligned Summit in March 1982. A unique publication, the book carried      an interview by Mrs Gandhi as Chairperson of the Seventh Non-aligned Summit.  
    India between Dream and Reality  
    (Allied, January 1989): While releasing the book in Bombay, eminent jurist Nani Palkhivala said: "The author has provided an answer to the eternal question of why this nation, despite its immense fund of intellectual resources and enterprise, has always perpetuated poverty and corruption." The book was well received by Indian critics.  
    Between Dream and Reality: The Indian Paradox  
    (Allied, December 1992): A revised version of the earlier work, the book got an international award. It was hailed as "one of the best socio-political analytical works in Asia" by the National Press Club, Washington  
    India after Indira: The Turbulent Years  
    (1984-89): (Allied Publication, September 1989). The book provides a critical appraisal of five years of Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister. The work was hailed by critics, including M.V. Kamath, as "a primer for Prime Ministers.  
    Contributed to 100 Glorious Years (1885-1985) : edited by Dr. Rafiq Zakaria.  
    Contributed an article to Reforming the Constitution (ed. - UBS Publication, August 1992): a      pioneering work that brings together well-thought-out ideas and suggestions on a theme of      tremendous contemporary concern.  
    Kashmir: A Tale of Shame  
    (UBS Publication, March 1996): The Book provides an objective assessment of various aspects of the Kashmir problem. For its unerring instincts for vital facts and for its relentless exposure of the main actors in the new-old Kashmir drama, the book is unprecedented.  
    "No, my Lord! A window on India's Realpolitik"  
    (Siddharth Publications, 2005) Releasing the book on April 29, 2005, at his residence Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh said, if the free press has to play an important role, then I think what Walter Lippman once said it is very important, we should have the maxim that facts are sacred, opinions are free. And I am very happy that Hari Jaisingh lives up to those exacting standards. The ideas and commentaries contained in his book bring out a very sensitive human being. A human being who is concerned about the state of our polity, who would like our country to move in a direction which the founding fathers of our Republic wanted us to move.  
    A Song called Life  
    (under print): a non-political work, the volume provides a fascinating account of the life and people of Nagaland, with colour pictures.